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DocuSign Help

Welcome to the Birkholz & Company DocuSign Help Page.

If you have been party to a real estate transaction, managed an investment account or processed a bank loan in recent times, you probably have already used the DocuSign product.

DocuSign is quick and easy to use.  It will probably take you longer to read this page than to sign your document.

The process is explained below, but here is a video you can watch.



Click the Review Documents button in the top section of the Email.




You will be greeted with two pages of authentication questions.

  1. The first page will ask for your address information.  If your new to this address you may be asked for additional information.

  2. The second page will display 3-4 questions, based on public records, which will be easy for YOU to answer.  These will include selecting from a set of choices the most appropriate answer.  Questions include the model or color of your car, previous addresses, etc.  This information is not shared with Birkholz & Company or Docusign nor is it retained.


You will next be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions Agreement associated with our processing of your documents.  Click the Check Box and then the Continue button.



You will now see your documents.

Please carefully review your documents. 


Use the controls on the page to help you review your documents:

  • Scroll and read the document on screen

  • Print to a PDF

  • Print to Paper


Please only sign your documents if EVERYTHING is correct.  If you believe anything is wrong, please Decline to Sign the documents (Other Actions => Decline to Sign).  When prompted, press Continue, note any issues in the available space and then press the Decline to Sign button.  Your documents will be filed soon after signing, so any errors may require an amended return to correct.  Sending you corrected documents is much easier for everyone.


Now comes the fun part!

Click the Start button. 


The screen will scroll to the first line for you to sign. 


Click the Sign button and you will be asked to pick a signature. 


You may choose a font, draw a signature (touch screen required) or upload a file.  On the right will be a link which allows you to select an alternate font.  After you Adopt a Signature you will be taken to the next location to Sign or Initial. 


Each time you click you will Sign or Initial a document. 

The current date will automatically be added where needed. 

After a few clicks you will see FINISH

When you click FINISH a dialog box will appear

offering you the option to save your document. 

Accepting this will create a DocuSign account

and store your document on the DocuSign website. 

We suggest you say No Thanks.  

Keep your personal information safe, keep it local.

Once all parties have signed, you will receive a confirmation email indicating the signature process is complete.  You should now save a copy of the signed document for your files.  Click the link, answer the authentication questions as you did above.  When your document opens, please use the buttons at the top of the document to save this to your computer and\or print as desired.

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